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RS-1290 Laser Cutting / Engraving / Marking machine 

RSLASER LTD. presents..

RS1290 Laser cutting / engraving  Marking Machine

100watts RECI CO2 Laser Tube 8000 working hours!

Maximum cut / engrave size 1200mm X 900mm

All switches are Electronic (contact less very reliable)

UP-DOWN work Table Motorized (up to 28 cmm)

Light fitted in work area

Larger window fitted with Laser filter material  to protect eyes !

Bigger & Silent Extration Fan 

Power full Air pump (to keep lens clean all time )

Legs & Locking wheels Can be used both at once

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RS-6090 Laser Cutting / Engraving / Marking machine 

RSLASER LTD. presents...

Laser cutting / Engraving Machine 

 80 Watts Laser Power !  Reci laser Tube 8000 Working hours !

CO2 Laser Cutter / Engraver cut size 600mm X 900mm

Heavy Duty Superior Quality and reliable Machine- 

Laser Engraver, Laser Cutting, Metal Marking, Photo Engraving Machine
Very High Engraving Speed ( 0-80000mm/min - 0-2362 inch/min)
Tube light fitted in working area !

Very Easy to Use!      

New.. Fireproof Glass fitted in opening door !   

Co2 laser Engrave/Cutting Machine

Work area:600  X 900 mm

motorized work table can be moved up or down up to 28 cm )



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